Monday, August 15, 2011

Tweet up, voila, personal best

No, I don't know either...BrunswickStreet.

I walked to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy today to meet one of my Twitter friends, Marian, an American who's been living in NZ. She's in Melbourne for a while on a working holiday. We had a fun chat over tasty pinxtos (tapas) at Naked for Satan, and I enjoyed the opportunity to share my local knowledge about Melbourne with her.

I went into a florist on Brunswick Street because I've got a craving for the scent of sweet peas flowers. I don't know why. Sadly though, a lot of commercially grown sweet peas these days are fragrance-free (why, for goodness sakes? That's the best thing about them!). But I was served by a handsome Frenchman. I bought some pretty purple Canterbury Bells from him and when he handed me the bunch of flowers he said, "Voila". Hehe.

I didn't actually know what they were called until later. I did ask Frenchy Flowerman, but I didn't understand what he said because of his accent. Later as I was waiting in light rain to cross Hoddle Street, a woman commented that my flowers were enjoying the rain more than us. She told me that in England they call them Canterbury Bells. And that's what they are here too.

Magnolias in bloom

I have finally topped my personal best daily step count in the Global Corporate Challenge. Yesterday a racked up 22,756 steps (so much for having a rest, eh?).

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