Monday, November 19, 2012

A little help from a friend, another sign find and super sweaty

Cheeky vandal

Thank you to A Work In Progress for pointing out on my previous blog I had misspelled "panychous", which was why Google wasn't as helpful as I expected when trying to find the definition yesterday. No doubt Google did try to nudge me in the right direction with a friendly "Did you mean pannychous?", but I turned a blind eye. What a numpty. Sorry, Google, for casting aspersions on you. If you google panychous now, my blog will pop up as the first of two results. 

Oh, pannychous means something that lasts all night. You might like to incorporate that into any intimate relationship you have with a lexicographer or logophile. You're welcome. 

Lost and found

This morning the graduate who sits near me was lamenting the loss of the little pouch he keeps his Sennheiser earbuds in. I reached into my bag and pulled out the little Sennheiser earbud pouch that I never use, and gave it to him. He was rather pleased. So was I. 

Another sign find

It's been an old sign bonanza the last few days. I spotted this Victoria Bitter one on my way home from the gym tonight, on the back of the Exford Hotel on the corner of Russel and Little Bourke Streets - a route I have taken many, many times before. 

Speaking of the gym...I was really, really sweaty after my workout. Excessive sweating is normally unpleasant and embarrassing, but I feel proud of my sweatiness after exercising hard. It's gross, but ace all at the same. (It's completely gross when you do the laundry on the weekend and dig out your still-soggy gym gear. Ew). 

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