Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Henry puts on a show, Mr Lizard and a gumnut baby

Luke and I saw Henry Wagons and The Unwelcome Company at Thornbury Theatre last night. I had actually contemplated not going when I found out they weren't coming on stage until at least 10.30. I've been so ridiculously tired lately that I thought I'd spend the night wishing I were home in bed. But yay! I actually managed to feel relatively awake during the whole show. (*sigh* I really am getting old.)

And it was a good show. Henry was his usual garrulous, energetic self. He left the stage and stood on the tables a couple of times - some of the audience who paid for dinner and a show were seated at tables, which Henry said was like being at the Logies

They played all of the songs from Henry's debut solo album, Expecting Company? as well as a few Wagons tunes and a couple of covers. They finished with a cover of Islands in the Stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton - no, really! - because it's a duet, and Expecting Company is almost all duets. And I guess it's so naff that it's almost cool. 

Here's Henry and Gossling performing their duet from the album with a bit of Islands in the Stream tacked on the end at The Toff in Town a few weeks ago.

Gossling has an unusual singing voice, but I think it goes well with Henry's baritone. Most of the female voices on Expecting Company were provided last night by three members of the vocal group The Nymphs. They have amazing voices.   

This afternoon I was listening to all of Wagons' albums with my iPod on shuffle and it played Marylou and Marylou Two one after the other, even though they are from different albums.  

I passed the State Library on my way home from the gym today. Look, it's Mr Lizard and a gumnut baby! 

(Not two separate sculptures as I wrote in my last post.)  

I'm back at work tomorrow. Boo. But at least it will be a short week. 

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