Friday, November 16, 2012

Six digits and Moone Boy

I saw this old sign on Union Street in Windsor this evening. It's so old the phone number only has six digits (Melbourne phone numbers were extended to seven digits at some stage  - I don't know when - and I think grew to eight numbers in the mid-90s). 

And what's with the OF just hanging about there on its own (under the 28)? Of what, I wonder?  We drove past two more signs nearby on our way home. I'll have to go back to take photos another  time. 

I have been watching Moone Boy on the ABC co-written by Chris O'Dowd, who also appears as the imaginary friend of Martin Moone, the youngest child of an Irish family. I rather like it. In tonight's episode Martin befriended a new boy at school whose mother was a pastry chef so that he could dine on their gourmet fare instead of the unappetising meals dished up at home. Martin was particularly taken with Pavlova Night on Tuesdays (and who can blame him?).

Trevor (the new kid, proffering a small jug of fruity sauce): Would you like some jus? 
Martin (eyes lighting up): You bet I fecking jus!

(Since I've proven a poor judge in the past about the general knowledge of people who aren't me, I'll just add that 'jus' is pronounced 'zhoo'.)

It's the weekend. Hurrah. 

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