Monday, November 26, 2012

My Maldon sign spree

 Rego the ruling brand...Rego self-raising flour

 We sell Rego products for goodness sake...Buy your Rego
 products here

 Produce stores 

Victoria Bitter, on the wall of the Kangaroo Hotel 
(apparently the only pub in Australia of that name) 

 A two-in-one. I think the top line says R. Mathias and the 
bottom line is Merchant

 Another produce store 

Luke saw this one hiding on the side of a building on 
Main Street, mostly obscured by greenery. 

 Pennant something 

The first of many old Lanchoo and Bushells tea signs. 
Lanchoo takes less in your teapot!

Left - Bushells delicious coffee. What? Coffee?
  Right - More cups, finer flavour

Lanchoo again

Bushells again. This sign appears to have been
 restored to its former glory, but I'm still counting 
it as an old sign

1 comment:

Andrew said...

The early Bushell's coffee came in a glass jar with an interesting shape. I suppose it was some kind of instant coffee. It was vile.