Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good timing, deliciousness, not Sunday

The clouds cleared and the sun came out just in time for the wedding Luke and I went to yesterday afternoon.  The ceremony took place outside, on a lawn right at the top of the dunes at Sorrento Back Beach.  Mother Nature could not have been more obliging. 

The service was followed by a cocktail style reception. The food included the Mother of All Fruit and Cheese Platters:

It was  HUGE, looked amazing and was loaded with deliciousness. You can't really see it in my photo, but the cheese was garnished with two green olives made to look like mice, with little ears and a tail.

I wore my red shoes and a dress I bought for under $50, which somehow manages to be figure-hugging and super flattering. I always feel good when I wear it. Luke looked very handsome in his grey suit.  

I had a massive sleep in today (not on purpose). It was early afternoon by the time I emerged, so we didn't end up going to the St Kilda Cemetery. Instead we went to Demitri's Feast, another Greek-influenced café, on Swan Street for brunch. We sat in the warm sun in the rear courtyard. I had honey oat crumble which was very tasty. It looked good too - those little pink bits are flower petals.

I keep thinking today is Sunday because I had Friday off work. But it's not. Yay!  

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