Monday, November 12, 2012

The rest of Saturday's glee

Heading back over the Westgate on our way to St Kilda

St Kilda's lovely old Palais Theatre

A different side to Luna Park's Mr Moon entrance

Melbourne's Luna Park is 100 years old next month

Luna Park's beautiful carousel. As we took photos, 
a group of 60-something couples saddled up. 
You're never too old for a merry-go-round

We're midgets! Oh, how we laughed

 Early evening, St Kilda Pier

When I looked at this photo of a skydiver over
 St Kilda on my PC, I realised I'd also taken a photo 
of two rainbow lorikeets sitting in a tree

After St Kilda, we drove to Richmond for a burger and Fritz Gelato. Before we decided to go to Williamstown, Luke asked me what I wanted to do with the day and my only plan was to have the blood orange gelati at Fritz Gelato. I had to resist the lure of all the icecream shops in Willamstown to hold out for Fritz, and it was worth the wait. I had the blood orange, passionfruit and lemon. They were all zesty and tangy and delicious.

 Finally, here's all the old signs from Saturday and a couple from Sunday.

McWilliams Cream Sherry, on the derelict 
Britannia Hotel in Williamstown (below)

I can't tell what this one says. When I got out of the
 car to take this photo...

I saw this one on the side of another pub in Williamstown

The best sign find of the day (thanks to Luke)

There's several signs on this old grocery store on Melbourne Road, Williamstown. Some are too faint to make out, but some  are clear enough to read. 

 Berger Master paint - keeps on keeping on. It looks 
like there might be another old sign underneath



Cheap cash grocer

 Nestle's Chocolate, Burnley Street, Richmond
 (taken Sunday)

Fancy a counter lunch at the Grand Hotel? 
Turns out pubs are quite a good source of
 old signs. Also on Burnley Street 

This isn't an old sign, but it amuses me. I guess it turned
 out Keith was way better at pasties than pies


Margaret said...

My have been peregrinatious lately.good to see you amping up the Glee.

Deidre said...

Aw, i love st kilda. I've never been inside Luna Park!