Monday, November 5, 2012

The Horologicon is mine, and another gardens jaunt

I walked into the city today and bought The Horologicon at  Embiggen Books near the State Library. Embiggen has become one of my favourite bookstores. It's not large, but it's very inviting. With all the dark timber, it's like being in someone's private library or study. The woman who served me said my Strand Books bag (from the bookstore in NYC) was cool. 

I saw loads of other books I wanted to buy at Embiggen, but I will wait until I get through Marian Keyes' latest novel and Nick Earls' book Word Hunters (which I haven't started yet) and The Horologicon before I go buying anything else. I get anxious when I have too many unread books on my bedside table! 

I popped into the Readings store at the State Library before I went to Embiggen. I wanted to buy Phillip Goad's Guide to Melbourne Architecture, but resisted. 

How long has this statue been in the grounds of the State Library? I haven't seen it before. According to the State Library website, this is the Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek. It was installed a few weeks ago during Children's Week at the library. There are two other sculptures - Mr Lizard and Gumnut Babies, but I didn't see them.

Lucky I took the photo of the ghost of the Coca Cola sign on the side of Curtin House when I did, because it's been covered over now. 

I walked through the Botanic Gardens on my way back from the city.  I saw this weird bush which looks like a bunch of sticks except for the unusual bright flowers. 


There were lots of these pods with big seeds ready to fall to the ground. It's a Tambuki-thorn from South Africa.  

I spent quite a bit of time in the herb garden taking photos and sniffing the nice smelling herbs. I had to assume some rather unladylike poses (in a skirt) to get close enough to take some close ups. Luckily I had the garden to myself most of the time. 

 The herb garden with the sun dial in the middle


Look closely and you can see two of the little spider's eyes. 
The plant is hairier than he is. 

Water droplet on nasturtium leaf

 This is the bud for the strange flower I took 
a photo of yesterday (also below)

These plants and their flowers tower over me


 Another wee spider

 Dragonfly reflection. This was a complete fluke - 
it flew into the shot just as I took it

Palm tree reflection


Andrew said...

Err, the Coco Cola link. You have done as I have and many others and linked to your search for your own blog post, rather than the post itself.

Great photos, as always.

Jayne said...

Oopsie. Thanks. I've fixed it. At least now I know at least one person has clicked on one of my links. ;)

Deidre said...

Beautiful! I haven't see the new statue either in the state library! Will have to go check it out!

piggywhistles said...

Great photos - especially the water droplet on the nasturtium and what a lovely feeling to have all those unread books just waiting for you on your bedside table.