Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's not Monday, Marian, brownie

I keep thinking it's Monday. But it's not! Wooh. Only two days until the weekend. 

I'm enjoying Marian Keyes' latest book. I've read more than 300 pages in the last couple of days. I love Marian's Irish turn of phrase. And the protagonist, Helen Walsh, is so fierce and contrary, but still so likeable and funny.

Many of Marian Keyes' novels have centred on the Irish Walsh family, with a book devoted to the story of each of the five sisters. Helen is the last sister to 'get a book'. Reading the books is a bit like visiting old family friends. I'm not much of a reader of 'chick lit' (and I hate the phrase 'chick lit'), but I do enjoy Marian Keyes. 

I had a gluten free chocolate brownie on the way home from work. It was the only one left and I think it was the best brownie I've ever eaten. The inside was almost gooey. Yum. 

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Deidre said...

I find that gluten free brownies are at times the kings of the gluten free desserts! They are gooey and delicious - not dense and terrible like most gluten free foods.