Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's a miracle!

Miraculously, I wasn't crippled when I woke up this morning after my run last night. I wasn't even that sore. I was surprised - stunned -  that I only felt a little worse than the morning after my usual gym workout. I did stiffen up as the day wore on (especially my hip flexors),  but I was in good enough shape to go to the gym and do my usual workout this evening. Maybe the epsom salts bath I had last night had something to do with it? I'd better have another one tonight then, because the second day is usually the worst...

I've done more than two hours of cardio exercise today, including walking to work and home from the gym. Only a few weeks ago I was struggling to find the energy to walk home from work. 

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missjane said...

I read a quote from Plutarch recently which reminded me of your blog:
"we should not overlook even common and ordinary things, but take some account of them and be grateful that we are alive and well and look upon the sun; that there is neither war nor factious strife among us, but that both the earth grants cultivation and the sea fair sailing to those who wish it; that we may speak or act, be silent or at leisure, as we choose."

Lest you think I sit about reading Ancient Greek, it's from