Sunday, November 11, 2012

Epic glee in Williamstown

Heading over the Westgate Bridge on our way to Williamstown

Penfolds Sherry...sweet or dry. Ferguson Street, Williamstown

Old boat at Gem Pier, Williamstown

Another old boat...HMAS Castlemaine, now a museum 
permanently berthed at Gem Pier

Window boxes on Nelson Place, Williamstown

Williamstown lighthouse and timeball tower, Point Gelibrand

I've never seen so many shells on a beach before. 
Point Gellibrand Coastal Heritage Park


Mother of pearl

I picked up a large, perfect abalone shell like this and was going to bring it home, but then I noticed a hideous stench. At first I thought, 'Man, does my breath smell today or what?", but then I realised it was the shell in my hand. It got to stay behind, but I did bring home a small, pretty, non-stinky pearly shell. 

 There were lots of yachts on the bay, but most of them were too far away
 (that's poetry, that is...OK, it just rhymes)

Left out...or maybe way in front (maximum zoom engaged)

Seaweed tree. Seatree

 Licheny (and bird poopy) rocks

Despite the fact I'm the clumsy one who falls in creeks (Montezuma Falls, Tassie), I still told Luke to be careful walking on the rocks, then had to chuckle at myself. I didn't fall in, but I did step in shallow water a few times. I'm pleased to report my boots are waterproof. 


It's windy round these parts

Great Dane way stronger than small boy 

Soon after I took this shot, the dog yanked itself free and started galloping right for me.  I thought it was going to jump on me and eat me, but the boy's dad intervened. Phew

A better indication of their size. Very big dog. Perhaps not 
the best choice of pet when you have young children

The compact, but pretty, Williamstown Botanic gardens

Water lily

I'm in love with this deep purple iris. In some 
places it's so dark, it's almost black 

 The path above was lined with succulents that
 still had droplets  of water nestled in their centres
 in the late afternoon of a sunny day

Chubby tree


 Granny's bonnet

The rather handsome garden gates

Even skeletons go to church in Williamstown

The also rather handsome old Mechanics Institute, now a museum

Lovely shady Electra Street, with lots of picket fences 

Old lacework on a verandah


Back to Nelson Place, looking towards the city. This was where
 I saw the silly seagull in yesterday's video 

After Williamstown, we drove to St Kilda, but I will save that bit for tomorrow since this is probably now the most photo-heavy post I've ever done. It was a severely gleeful day, I must say. 

I also took photos of other old signs I saw yesterday, but I'll save them for another time  because I want to go to bed soon.

Before I finish though, I have to tell you I started reading The Horologicon on  Friday night and was smitten before I'd even finished scanning the table of contents. Somewhere in the epilogue is a section called Dictionaries and idioticons. Idioticons! I didn't skip ahead to investigate though.

I'm now a few chapters in and I'm infatuated. I started making notes of words I wanted to remember and share, but it turned out I wanted to remember nearly every single word, so I gave that away. 

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missjane said...

The epilogue is my favourite part; well, that, and a bit in 11pm. The publisher (Icon Books) have made pictures of some of the words and their meanings for sharing - you can find them on fb.

Purple irises are another favourite - I never seem to be able to grow them though, despite them being a street flower near me!