Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank you, das monsterschnitzel, laugh-snort

A reader posted a very lovely anonymous comment on my other blog today. I read it while I was on the tram home and got a little teary. It means a lot to me when people say my blog has lifted their spirits. I started Gleeful to make myself happier, so it's immensely gratifying to hear I've helped make others even a tinier bit happier, too.  I think I know who left the comment, but in case I'm wrong, thank you, lovely anonymous person. 

Luke and I went to The Hungarian on Bridge Road, Richmond for dinner tonight. We'd never been before. I think we both decided to eat there after seeing this dish on the menu displayed in the window: 

Das monsterschnitzel! Neither of us ordered a monster schnitzel though. I had lamb goulash with nokedli and Luke had roast pork knuckle. Pork knuckle! It had crackling on it and it was very crackly. We also had a couple of pickled side salads. I love pickled things. Luke had a Hungarian beer and I had a fruity cocktail.  As well as das monsterschnitzel, the menu contains many other humourous touches. 

The reason we went to Bridge Road is because I wanted Fritz Gelato for dessert. Again. There was a group of older people ordering when we arrived. They were quite a jolly bunch and someone did a laugh-snort, which made Luke and me laugh too. 

I had the blood orange again - I LOVE the blood orange - and raspberry rumble. Yum. 

More old signs! 

I've taken photos of this old building on Bridge road before, but I didn't look close enough to see the faint ghosts of old signs on one of the shopfronts.  I can't make out what any of them say. This is one shopfront in a row of about six. 

I saw a fishbone in the sky on my way home from work. Or an arrow. Or...does anyone else think it's a little phallic or is that just me? 

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