Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bread, Wagons and Moomba

Gee, I love bread. Not the bland, Kleenex-bright stuff that comes uniformly sliced in plastic bags from the supermarket, but the nice rustic sourdough-type stuff, the sort you buy as a whole loaf from a bakery and you hack slices off it yourself. (Slices that are twice as thick on one end as the other, if your loaf-slicing skills are anything like mine.)

I bought an organic sourdough from the French bakery on Swan Street today and ate several slices with nothing but butter. Soft and a little rubbery on the inside, chewy and crusty on the outside. Yum.

Of course, it's also a guilty pleasure for me since I'm gluten intolerant, but ya gotta live a bit, right? (Gluten free bread just isn't the same.)

On the band Wagons again

The Wagons set at Moomba last night was great. How can you not enjoy an hour of songs about death and murder and Willie Nelson, I ask? There might have been one or two about love as well.

They played on the same patch of grass where I first saw them last year. I may have told you this before, but I have a little crush on the lead singer, Henry Wagons. Yeah, he looks like a myopic hobbit, but he's funny and I love the music. He's not the most unlikely crush I've had...

Moomba was a burst of sound and colour, cheap stuffed toys and overpriced crap food last night. Well, crap except for the poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes) with lemon and sugar. Yummy.

When I was walking home flying foxes were flying low over the river, reflecting in the black glassy water. One landed high up in a tree and hung upside down in a little batty clump.

I have the flat to myself this weekend. Ah, just like old times...


Jayne said...

Love the photo of the Yarra, it almost looks swim-worthy in that light lol.
I hear ya about the gluten-free bread (my son is/was intolerant) and slicing the heel of the freshly baked normal loaf straight out of the oven with the butter melting into it and bursting with yummy goodness....
Guess I'm baking bread today lol.

Abbeysmum said...

What a great shot of the river, you have captured the sparkle of the lights so well.
I hear you .....fresh,proper, bread, there were often, quite heated "discussions" as to who's turn it was to have the crusty end, of the big half loaf,the second half of a full loaf would not be as nice the next day.Who cares how straight the slice is ? it tastes the same,I can cut a perfect slice, but you get over being that "anal" life is too short to sweat the small stuff !

Hope your tummy didn't suffer too much from being naughty with the yummy bread.

victoria said...

speaking of wagons...sounds like someone fell off the elimination diet wagon ;)

can't say i blame you - it's such a nightmare...

hope you didn't pay too heavily for your yummy treat!

Fantastic Forrest said...

Flying foxes. That sounds so much nicer than mice with wings.

Sourdough, singing hobbits, poffertjes, and the restored serenity of solitude. No wonder you're gleeful!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Jayne. Looks are very deceiving, aren't they!? You possibly read that the water skiing and the Birdman Rally were at risk of being called off due to exceptionally high levels of e.Coli in the river.

And mmmmmmm, yes, freshly baked bread, melty butter. Nothing like it.

Hi Abbeysmum. Thank you. The city certainly was a magical sight on the weekend.

We used to fight over the end bit of a loaf when I was a kid too. Thankfully, I didn't suffer too much from indulging in normal bread. Yay!

Hi Victoria. Yes, I confess. I fell off the Wagon, although the results weren't too uncomfortable thankfully. I'll get back on it...eventually. It's just so hard, dagnammit!

Hi FF. Yes, flying foxes does sound better! The population of flying foxes has been quite a nuisance here at times. Once they tried to scare them away from the Botanic Gardens by banging metal rubbish bin lids. No, really. Of course it didn't work.