Thursday, March 5, 2009

More silliness on the streets

The above thoughtful courtesy note is one of a dozen quirky/crackpot signs that "Craig" has affixed to light poles and post boxes around the streets of Windsor, in inner Melbourne.

So says an email that was sent to me today by a friend, anyway. Here's some more of Craig's delightfully deranged signs -

Of course I love them. I love him and I have no idea who he is or why he's doing this. I asked Google, but Google pretty much shrugged its shoulders.

I have to know, dammit! I wonder if I turned up at one of the alotted times (although there's no date) would he be there waiting in his half-pirate/half-clown get up or whatever? (I wonder if anyone did show up?) Could I lure him out with an offbeat note of my own?

And why didn't I know about this earlier? Windsor is kinda my stomping ground...well, I stomp around there at least twice a month anyway, including past the places where Craig has stuck his notes. Am I walking around with my eyes shut?

If you want to see the full set, email me and I'll send them to you (address is on my profile).


Abbeysmum said...

Oh you have to love those signs, pretty original, I will have to get some going on the mountain, I am sure the local Uni students will take up the sport, they could end up all over the country.
Yes I would love to see the rest of them, thank you.

victoria said...

hahaha! cool :)

i'd love to see the others - i think you already have my email address :)

The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

Oh yeah....I have to see the rest. I'm half in love with Craig myself. That's awesome!

We must find Craig and get to know him better. Seems like a fun sort of fellow.

Julian said...

*L* Those are great! :) *emails*

I was having a conversation with someone earlier this year about darning and saying that I knew how to do it, but that it was pretty much redundant nowadays.

You're not the only one who was wondering whether or not he'd actually show up to any of the things he talks about. I'd be half-tempted to do the same if he was being any more specific about the days (except for the time machine event: I'm thinking there's no need to worry about that one!). ;) I doubt he'd show up, but I'd still be curious!

Small Footprints said...

Oh .. what fun! I hope that some how, some way, you get to meet him. What a great way to add a little joy to everyone's day!

Hey ... it's Friday here so ... have fun at Moomba!

Small Footprints

Jayne said...

Love 'em!
Yes, I'd be tempted to stick a reply under one of his notes, sort of "Waited here in fairy and frog costume with fresh scones for your Grandmother but you didn't show. Temptation proved too great, ate the scones and went home via Sunday Saver ticket" or some such.

Delwyn said...

Great idea Jayne,add a note of your own in response. I have come to you via Momento and after reading your lovely life principles I want to ask you to visit Dan (Mindful...)as I do each night to read his contemplations and write some comments on gratitude...such a powerful emotion
- catch his blog from my page

Becca said...

Brilliant! :)

dam buster said...

Those comments have had a few people wondering, myself included.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Abbeysmum. It would be a pretty fun thing to do, especially if you could loiter about and see the reactions. Dammit, I wish I'd thought of it before Craig!

Hi Victoria. Sent.

Hello Mrs BB. Oh, I meant to go and see if any of the signs were still there on the weekend, but I forgot. There was something about him in the gossipy section of The Age today, but they didn't shed any light.

Hi Julian. You know how to darn? You are a man of many talents, aren't you?

Hey Small Footprints. Hopefully his identity will be revealed eventually. And I noted of course that he's 35 and single.... hmmmmm!

Nathan said...

Those notes are ace. Saw your blog through Three Beautiful Things - it's really good.