Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rain, glorious rain!

It's a big, wet day in Melbourne. Not only is there a crowd of 80,000 people at the MCG for the Sound Relief bushfire and flood benefit concert, the heavens have opened and dumped the first decent rain we've had all year. Well, most of the rain we've had all year.

Nearly 19mm of rain has fallen since 9.00 am today, bringing the total rainfall for 2009 to 26.44mm. I can almost hear our poor dehydrated trees and grass and gardens slurping up the moisture. There was even thunder and a few bolts of lightning this morning. It's awesome.

When I was coming back from doing my grocery shopping, a wide bank of ominous dark grey clouds came creeping up over the city. As I stopped on Morell Bridge to take photos (of course), the clouds had stretched right over the top of me, almost enveloping a helicopter hovering over the MCG. It got very dark and the wind whipped up off the river. It was fantastic. I almost wanted to get caught out in the rain but in the end I just got in my front door as it started.

Here's some of my photos -

Clouds gather over the MCG

Cloud bank

Eureka Tower shines like a beacon in the gloom

The view from my loungeroom. Now you see it... you almost don't as the rain comes down.


Jayne said...

Fantastic shots - and fantastic rain :)
The MCG shot could almost re-write Paul Kelly "High on the bridge looking at clouds over the MCG" ;)

dam buster said...

FL - Great shots. I think Gaytimes are making a come back!