Monday, March 9, 2009

Fountain of glee...and a gay time

My heart leapt with glee today when I saw that the fountain in the Carlton Gardens was spouting water. Hurrah! The water spurting and sparkling in the sun was a beautiful sight as I walked up a shady avenue towards the Exhibition Building.

The last few times I've visited the gardens, the fountain has been a still, murky puddle due to the ongoing drought and water restrictions. I don't know what's changed, but today its was back to being a glorious fountain, not just a wonderful piece of sculpture. It made me so happy. (According to one website, the fountain only operates five hours a day - maybe I've just never been there are the right time before).

The Exhibition Building (the first building in Australia to be World Heritage-listed, in 2004) and the fountain were built for the International Exhibition in 1880. I love the platypuses and frogs around the edges of the second and third tiers of the fountain (and I love the word platypuses, even though platypus is an acceptable plural).

I was at the Exhibition Building as part of my continuing self-guided Walking Melbourne tour. I did manage to get out of bed in time to wander the streets, but I've still only visited and photographed about 60 of the 235 buildings/landmarks.

I also visited the City Baths, which the Walking Mebourne guide describes as an "exuberant and much-loved Edwardian structure" with (I love this bit) a "riot of turrets and domes". As the name suggests, the building was once a public bath house but it's now home to a modern fitness centre, of which I am a very lazy member. I like its riot of turrets, but it makes me feel guilty looking at it.

I had a Golden Gaytime icecream on my way home. Mmmm, biscuit bits. Remember Golden Gaytimes, Aussie readers? Can you believe they still make them? And that Streets hasn't relaunched the product with a different name? They're like the icecream equivalent of the Pollywaffle chocolate bar or Sunshine Pine soft drink. Which is, of course, partly why I like them.


Jayne said...

Love the rioting turrets, too, and the descriptive language ;)
Am fighting temptation for a Golden Gaytime right now lol.

Anonymous said...

Gaytimes are the best. You should join the Gaytime fan group!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hello Anon. Alas I'm not on Facebook anymore. Well, not really 'alas'. I don't missi t.