Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brussels sprouts and porridge

You know what I like? Brussels sprouts. Yep, those little baby cabbages that most people turn their noses up at...I love 'em.

Even the smell of them makes me go "Mmmmmm...yum". I can eat a great big pile of them. Before you think I'm quite mad, let me point out that most people's brussels sprout experiences have been ruined by overcooking, which makes them smell and taste bitter.

But if you steam them until they are just soft, and serve them with a little butter and salt, I reckon you'd change your mind. (Unless you're one of the fussy britches who eats no vegetables except potatoes, peas and corn kernels like an ex of mine.) They don't taste bitter at all - nor do they taste like cabbage, thankfully - and they have a nice nutty smell. Try it.

I had some for dinner tonight with the roast chicken my flatmate cooked. Yum.

While I'm singing the praises of foodstuffs, how ace is porridge? I know this isn't news to a lot of people, but I have never liked the stuff, although now that I think about it, I only recall eating it once on camp when I was a Brownie and campfire cooking is probably not a good yardstick.

Anyway, recently, for reasons I won't bore you with, I tried it again, that stuff is delicious! I cook it in the microwave with milk and then add a little sugar and maple syrup (these are allergy elimination approved ingredients).

I think I owe porridge an apology because prior to my discovery of its creamy delights, I had on occasion used "porridge" as a synonym for bland and boring. Sorry, porridge. I shall make it up to you by eating you a lot.

Ooohh! Funny little coincidence! I wrote about Golden Gaytime icecreams in a post last week and tonight I saw an ad for them on TV for the first time in...forever.

And yes, the photo obviously has nothing to do with Brussels sprouts or porridge or Gaytimes. It's just my cloud obsession...


Anonymous said...

Love the Brussel Sprouts. Did hear sometime ago that somebody wanted to develop a sweet sprout. Sacrilege! Porridge, nice and simple. I'm sure that it could also be used for paper mache.

Mr London Street said...

The texture of porridge (like wallpaper paste) puts me off. But I am slowly learning to love granola.

Jayne said...

Love 'em both!
The smaller the sprout, the more flavour, with the dark green outer leaves discarded and gently steamed or sauteed in butter with onion.
Porridge will keep you going through cold Winter mornings ;)

The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

Not only do I love brussel sprouts but so do my kids. I like them steamed with butter. I also like them sauteed with chicken broth and then topped with crisp bacon. Rich but yummy. I'm also a fan of porridge. In fact I eat it most mornings. It's quick, easy, delicious and filling. And also a great way to keep the cholesterol down.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Anon. Welcome fellow sprout fancier. A sweet sprout? I can't imagine it. No doubt a gimmick to get kids eating vegies?

Hi Mr London Street. Thanks for dropping in - oh, your face looks have another blog, don't you?

It was the texture of porridge that used to put me off. I guess I'm developing a taste for gelatinous mush in my older age.

Hello Jayne and Mrs BB. You're obviously women of fine taste.

And yes, not only are sprouts and porridge tasty, they are super nutritious! Win-win!

Small Footprints said...

Mmm ... I adore brussel sprouts! We saute them in a slight bit of olive oil until they get nicely caramelized. A little salt and pepper and we're done. I could eat a whole bowl by myself. :)

Is porridge the same thing as Oatmeal? I love that, too! And ... it's so healthy. For a real creamy, silky soup ... try adding about 1/4 cup to any soup recipe at the beginning ... it dissolves and makes the soup luscious!

OK ... I'm hungry!

BTW ... it's GREAT that you're getting much needed rain! Yeah!

Small Footprints

Mr London Street said...

I only have the one blog! But I saw your blog through "Three Beautiful Things" and really liked it. God knows why my face looks familiar, maybe I just have that sort of face.