Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nerd and birds

From Dr Seuss's If I Ran the Zoo.

I also like the bit where Gerald McGrew says he will use a bait of "three chicken croquettes made of library paste" to catch the Natch that no other hunter has been able to catch.

I had a bite to eat (no, not library paste) at Southgate on my way home tonight as I was too lazy to cook. I had a host of cheeky sparrows groaking at me while I ate and I teased them by placing crumbs right in front of me to see how game they were. They were very brave. Or very hungry.

As I walked home, I saw two ducks having a nap half way up the river bank, with their heads turned and tucked into the feathers on their backs.

A little further on I saw an old nest that had fallen from a tree.

"Cover me! I'm goin' in!"


Abbeysmum said...

Sparrows are such busy industrious little fellas,always after any tiny bit of leftovers.We have some cheeky ones that hang out around the outside tables at the local Macca's, I go there for the cheap coffee & cake,when I am watching my spending.

Anonymous said...

Sparrows, they also know how automatic doors work. Watch them, when they want to leave they will perch themselves nearby and wait for the door to open.

dam buster said...

There are a heap of them down at the food court in southbank. And very cheeky if you are sitting at a table they sometimes hop across your feet. or at least land on the same table as you.. maybe for a chat?

Fantastic Forrest said...

Groak - excellent word. Must remember that and amaze the children with my new vocabulary!

Did I tell you I found a neat book about Dr. Seuss that I used in my class? You can see the lesson on my teaching blog here

Anonymous said...

The Age now follows on your Craig alert.

(Q) said...
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