Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cookin' the books and the wallabies

Did you know that the International Edible Book Festival is coming up on April 1? No? Well, now you do.

I got an email about it from the Athenaeum Library the other day. Apparently this "ephemeral global banquet" is held every year in many parts of the world. Bookish types get together to whip up culinary delights that either look like books or are inspired by a book. Then they take photos of them, judge the winner and then gobble them all up.

You can see some photos here. I like the Clifford the Big Red Dog one (2007), partly because we had a Clifford book when I was a wee one.


I was up earlier than usual this morning and although I can't lie and say I liked getting up before 7.30 (go on, scoff!), I did enjoy seeing the sun trying to burst through the clouds on the horizon and the sight of three hot hair balloons drifting in the misty sky in the distance.

I'd forgotten about the hot air balloons that float by in the early mornings (though not usually on drizzly mornings like this). It's a nice way to start the day, sitting on your couch eating breakfast while watching hot air balloons. If I could just get out of bed earlier more often...

Once one went right over the top of my flat and was so close they probably could have seen what I was having for breakfast.

Speaking of the sky...

Check out this website, Sky Watch Friday, where people can send in their own pictures of the sky. Make sure you scroll down a bit and see the picture of the winter sunset over Riga. How spectacular is that?!

Coincidence of the week I

I rang the Blood Bank the other day because I hadn't heard from them in relation to an appointment to donate. It had been six weeks since I lodged my details online and I wanted to make sure they hadn't been lost. But then when I got to work later that day, I found they'd emailed me late the previous night to tell me they hadn't forgotten me! They read my mind.... (They've been inundated with donors since the bushfires, you see).

Coincidence of the week II

The Infamous Mrs Blueballs left a comment on my Myspace page today telling me about the Taste of Australia cookbook she picked up while she was visiting, which has recipes such as Yabby Bisque, Emu Slithers on Pumpkin Scones, Kangaroo Pot of Gold Pasties, Wallaby (gasp!) Savoury Crepes, and Quandong and Peach Melbas. Then tonight I caught the tail end of The Cook and The Chef on the ABC in which they were cooking with native foods, including quandongs!


The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

I looked over the ingredients and it seems that they do indeed use wallabies in the crepes. Apparently they are cute and delicious.

dam buster said...

I watched the cook and the chef and noticed the ingredients. good on them for doing it!

As for the balloons a couple of days ago 4 of them almost landed in my back yard in Prestonia. The breeze took them further north so not sure where they ended up.

Then later in the day I heard the black hawks were buzzing around the same area.

Jayne said...

There's a fab cooking show on Lifestyle (pay tv) called Outback Cafe hosted by a gorgeous bloke called Mark Olive (has a book out now, too.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey Mrs BB. Oh, my! That's naughty.

Hi db. I was once in a car driving down Punt Road when a hot air balloon nearly landed on the road ahead of us. It was cool. (It was Anzac Day actually and not long after sunrise - I'd been to the dawn service).

What was with those black hawks? They must have been hanging laps because I could hear them overhead last Monday night.

Hi Jayne. Shame I don't have pay tv. Well, not really as I'd never watch it enough to get my money's worth!