Monday, March 16, 2009

Tough teeth, Mrs Marsh

I got a clean bill of dental health from my dentist today, which I only mention here because it made me think of the "Tough teeth, Mrs Marsh!" line from Colgate ads in the 80s.

So for nostalgia sake, I googled it, and found a clip on YouTube and then, as often happens on the interwebs, I found a whole bunch of other stuff.

Thought I'd share so we can all have a hit of nostalgia (well, those of us of a certain age who live in Australia at least).

Gotta love a lame segue, hey? Gotta love YouTube too.

Craig update -
Sadly, it turns out that Craig is merely an imitator....dang.


dam buster said...

Tough teeth hey. So far I have made it to mid 30's with no fillings or major dental work.

just like this dye gets into the chalk.

Jayne said...

Oh no!!!!
I was so baking Craig a double choc choc chip mud cake for next I waited around Windsor in my fairy tutu and gum-boots! :P

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey db. Show off. I only have four little fillings, but I did have braces as a teenager.

"Ooooh, it does get in!" That was from Mrs March ads, wasn't it?

Hi Jayne. Well...maybe he will still follow through even though he's been outed as a copycat? If not, bring cake to me.