Friday, March 27, 2009

Note fad and gay uncle giraffe

I wonder if Craig has started some sort of note-posting fad? Today I got to the tram stop to find the sign above taped to the shelter.

It's not very clear (I was rushing because the tram was about to take off) but it says -

"Hey You!! Have you done a random act of kindness today?? A young man called Ben has turned 24. He needs a friendly call or text to let him know that people actually do care. If you can spare a few cents, please send a short message to..."

I actually did sent a message, but Ben didn't reply. Oh well.

Fruity giraffe

I added another member to my little herd of wooden giraffe today. He's taller than the others, so at first I was thinking he could be father giraffe, but he's um...kinda fruity looking with his green and mauve legs and neck, so I decided he's the gay uncle instead. (Yes, he's also a little cross-eyed.)

Here they are -


Becca said...

I love the cute giraffes :)

Jayne said...

They are cute, lol, can't say as I remember seeing any in the shops so well done on finding them ( and the gay uncle addition)!
Is his name Tarquin or Crispin or Murgatroid?

victoria said...

hehe cute :)

dam buster said...

I think the new addition may not quite qualify for a father figure?? (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Becca. Me too (obviously!). They're so goofy.

Hi Jayne. The shop I found them in - Card n Caboodle - had a few different sorts of wooden toys among the oodles of cute 'n quirky little things on their counter. I got a wooden ladybird yoyo too.

I'm not sure what I'll name him - I haven't got around to naming the others yet!

Hey db. Um...yeah, like I said. Gay uncle.

Julian said...

It would be amusing if he had started a fad, for sure. I like the newest giraffe addition: he looks kind of confused/dopey in a cute way! :)