Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting organised

I spent hours on Sunday afternoon giving myself a repetitive strain injury and a numb bottom while re-organising...actually, make that just plain organising...the thousands of photos stored on my laptop.

Sounds dreary, I know, but anyone who has read previous posts about my love of list writing and decluttering probably won't be surprised to learn that I got a little buzz from going through every folder and transferring the photos to a portable hard drive where I filed them according to subject. I also deleted some boring/blurry ones, so now I can pretend to be a better photographer than I really am.

Not only will it be much easier to find a particular photo in future, but I've freed up a lot of space on my laptop and it's working faster.

Now all I need to do is go through every subject folder and create sub-folders...maybe a bit of cross-referencing....or is that taking things a bit far?

Speaking of list writing, organising my photos is on my List of 101 Things to Do Before I'm 40 and it's been on my weekend to-do list for weeks on end, so I'm glad I finally got a fair whack of it done.


victoria said...

come and do mine, pleeeeeeease! ;)

that is one job i really (really) need to do, but as ever i am the queen of procrastination...

good on you Jayne!

dam buster said...

Well done FL on the organisation. Did you find some old pics that you had forgotten all about along the way?

The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

I need to do that with my photos as well. I did have them pretty well organized for the most part but I've gotten a bit lax. But with a little over 27000 photos to organize....it happens.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Victoria...no way, man! Although,I would like to look at all your photos.

I put off doing it for aaaaaages, but it's one of those jobs that the more your postpone it, the bigger it is. Now that I've got started on it and found that I quite enjoyed it, finishing it off won't be such a chore.

Hi db. I don't know that I found any I forgot about - in fact the oppostie - I couldn't find some that I was looking forward to seeing. I did enjoy looking at some old favourites though. I plan to create a folder for faves and eventually have them all printed.

Hi Mrs BB. Gee whiz, 27,000! My collection is miniscule compared to yours! That's a big job. And yes, I can see that getting things organised is only half of the job - keeping it that way will be a challenge also. I'm thinking that I will sit down once a month and clear everything from my laptop to my external hard drive.

Becca said...

I completely understand. I love organising things, putting things in their places and crossing things off lists. Very satisfying! :)