Thursday, November 19, 2009

Angel and Gin

I nearly choked on my lamb chop tonight as I was browsing through the day's junkmail over dinner - in a good way. I've been looking for a DVD box set of the full series of Angel for quite some time, to no avail. And there it was tonight, sitting in the BIG W catalogue! Big W, of all places! Yays!

I. Must. Own. It.  It can be an early Christmas present to well as the pair of rather expensive shoes I bought last weekend. Hey, if I don't spoil me, who will?

I love Gin

Remember the mix 'tape' I got from my NZ Twitter pal? Well, one of the songs on there is by a young NZ woman called Gin Wigmore and she is fantastic. How did I not discover her before now? Thank you Twitter pal!

I bought her debut CD Holy Smoke last night and it's great. I am playing it right now quite loudly because....MY FLATMATE IS AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYEEEEEEEEEEE! *jumps on up and down on bed* Ahem.

Here is a song called Oh My:


Andrew said...

Seventies punk music. Good track.

Fantastic Forrest said...

"Oh my" reminds me of a song called "Mercy" by a singer named Duffy. Heard of her?

Jayne said...

Love it!

Earl Riser said...

Good tune Jayne.
Ta for sharing.
Going googling now, bye!