Monday, November 2, 2009

A day off

I forgot to mention I'm in the midst of a 5-day long weekend. Yay for days off work!

Unfortunately today hasn't been a very gleeful day. I woke up with a migraine and I lost my phone last night and I've had a frustrating and fruitless time today trying to track it down and sort out a new one.

My search for an outfit for the Gangster's Ball next weekend was more fruitful. I found a cute dress for only $20 - that's less than the black satin gloves I got to go with it. Noice. Remind me to take some photos for you next weekend when I'm all tizzied up.

I was meant to, I mean see Wagons perform tonight at the Northcote Social Club, but I don't know if I'm up to it. They don't come on stage until 11.20 and I'm tired and headachy still. I was even going to go on my own. My usual gig buddy couldn't come, so I thought I would force myself to get over my aversion to going to pub gigs solo, and triumphantly blog tomorrow about how independent I am. It would be even more of a challenge without my mobile phone to fiddle with...

I'll see how I feel in an hour's time. Maybe if I watch this Wagons video it will rev me up to leave the house tonight. (Sorry, couldn't get video to fit properly.)

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Julian said...

Bleah, that's no fun at all! :( :( Hope you ended up feeling good enough to make it to the Wagons gig!