Thursday, November 12, 2009

Church house

Because I haven't been walking to work in the mornings due to the heat, I've been taking myself on a little wander on my way home to make up for the lost exercise. Tonight I walked through the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens, East Melbourne, the grounds of the MCG, then across the rail lines and the river.

East Melbourne is another suburb with beautiful old buildings - and also this rather odd confection of old meets new on Powlett Street:

It looks like someone has gutted the church and built a big black glasshouse in the middle of it. I'm not entirely sure that it works looking at it from the outside...but how awesome would it be to live in it?

Oh...well, that pretty much is what happened. Google informs me this is the Cairns Memorial Presbyterian Chuch and it was converted into an apartment block after a fire in the 1980s.

Eep! Nearly forgot to post today! I had logged off and was flossing my teeth and looking forward to sleep when I remembered I hadn't NaBloPoMo'd. Phew!

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Jayne said...

I saw that church years ago and had forgotten about it, thanks for the photos!