Friday, November 6, 2009

The verdict

I'm so glad I posted my blog early last night because I didn't get home until very close to midnight. Phew!

The symphony was great, especially the Haydn and Cherubini pieces - MUCH more melodic than last time, and none of that plinky-plonky percussive filler stuff. It was pleasing to the ear and also to the eye. I like watching all the violin bows moving in unison and everyone leaning forward to turn the pages of their music at the same time.

I failed in my efforts to be more high brow though (that was asking too much of myself). I couldn't help smiling at the conductor's paroxysms, but at least he was mostly obscured by pianos during the Haydn piece.

I met my Twitter friend Trevor, who is a musician himself, at Fed Square before the symphony and we had a bite to eat and a chat (particularly about music) as the sun sank lower in the sky. After the show we got a coffee and cake at Southgate (yes, diet fail).

Real-life Trevor was pretty much the same as Twitter Trevor, only quite a bit younger and much more into progressive rock music than I would have expected for a guy who plays the flute! But I like to be surprised by people (in a good way).

I've met five of my Twitter friends now.


Christine said...

welll... i'm not on twitter anymore but are you going to meet me?

Sounds like you had fun and cake should not be considered diet fail ever :) hehe

Trevor Ian Peacock said...

Don't read too much in to me playing the flute, it happened totally by accident. A friend stopped playing while she had braces, so there was a spare flute in the building and I started experimenting, and fell in love with it. A month later I bought my first flute, and haven't looked back. I love how you feel more involved in making music when your using your lungs and lips to produce notes, rather than just your fingers.
Point is, I'd been listening to Prog Rock/Metal long before that.
And forget being highbrow. Theres so much cross-pollination of cultures and styles these days, throw away the rulebook and enjoy whatever however you like.
It was an absolute delight to meet you, we must do it again.