Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have my flat to myself for just over three weeks. Woohoo! My flatmate is about to get on a plane to fly to Europe for a holiday. I reckon having the place to myself makes me almost as happy as overseas travel makes her.

Looking forward to:

* sleeping, showering and peeing with the doors open;
* not vacuuming again until the day before she returns;
* not having to creep around when she's sleeping;
* playing my music as loud as I want;
* not spending so much time in my bedroom; and
* being able to watch a DVD whenever I want and not worry about the noise bothering her if she's in bed.

And now I'm going to watch a DVD.


chrome3d said...

Lonely people want company. People with company want loneliness. It´s the short time of change that makes it all so exciting.

dam buster said...

I hope you enjoy the time with drunken stumblings and loud music.

Julian said...

Sounds great. :) I really like having the place to myself sometimes. With that said, I start getting lonely after a while. Sometimes, just having someone at home is enough, even if we're not actually talking much.

Jayne said...

Yep, I can empathise, get the happies on whenever the menfolk nick off shopping and I get the house to myself ;)