Sunday, November 29, 2009


OK, I've had an annoying day, so let me just say I'm glad there are only two posts left in NaBloPoMo, including this one. I've enjoyed it, but it has started to feel like an obligation, rather than a pleasure.

I'm writing this at an internet cafe in Richmond because I raged my laptop and the hard drive has decided to punish me by not working. I wouldn't need to punch it if it didn't make me so angry, so I'm blaming it.

So I had to walk to the net cafe in the rain because someone stole my umbrella from the gym change rooms today and I didn't buy a new one.

All that, and I spent most of the afternoon with soggy socks after walking to the gym in the rain (my next umbrella needs to be one of those family-sized ones that can take out the eyes of half a dozen people in one go). Soggy socks are not at all good for one's state of mind.

Sighs. I'm going home now. 


dam buster said...

Jeesh.. Obligation indeed!

I hope today's sunshine have resulted in a brighter outlook!

Earl Riser said...

To be honest, I don`t get overly excited about wet sox either.
Sad to hear about your lappy, though the flipside sounds ok too.
Hope you do get at least a little sun, and without the dust storm, we got up here, yesterday Sunday.

Cheers wayne.