Thursday, November 5, 2009

To the symphony! Again!

Close up of the Arts Centre

I had never been to the symphony until 17 October 2009, and tonight I'm going again for the second time in three weeks.

You might recall last time I was a little underwhelmed by the modern composition, but tonight I will be seeing classical works - Mozart, Haydn and a piece by Cherubini that has only recently been discovered and never before performed in Australia. I'm looking forward to it. Not that I'm a connoisseur of classical music by any means. (Tonight I will try to be more high brow and not laugh at the conductor or the cymbal clanger/gongist.)

I will also be going to the new Melbourne Recital Centre for the first time and meeting one of my Twitter friends, Trevor, who is visiting Melbourne from interstate. It's always nice meeting online friends in the real world.


Jayne said...

Love the symphony, great pic.

Earl Riser said...

Good on you for going to a symphony concert.