Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I heart South Yarra

Have I mentioned how much I love the area I live in? Apart from being so close to the city and having the Botanic Gardens as my backyard, there are so many beautiful old buildings nearby.

Here's a few photos I've taken in Park Street recently:

I love this red door and the pots of flowers.

I stayed in this buiding for a few weeks when I was at uni and it was a fairly scummy guest house. It's looking much nicer these days now that it's approaching the final stages of a posh make-over, although I can't help feeling sorry for all the permanent residents (many of whom were marginalised by unemployment and/or mental illness) who've been turfed out. I imagine it will be turned into a boutique hotel like The Hatton Hotel a few doors up.

Don't you have a statue in your front yard?

PS I didn't end up buying a Paperblanks journal or diary after all. Even the smallest diary is too big for my needs and there weren't many small journals left. I'll just have to have a look online.


Emm said...

Lovely photos although a bit sad about the guest house residents. You reminded me of how much I loved South Yarra. Maybe we'll settle in Melbourne after all although the sweltering heat of the Gold Coast appeals to me!

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Emm. If it's sweltering heat you want, you'd better come to Melbourne after all. All it seems to do is rain up north these days but we're in the middle of a record spring heatwave and even apart from that, our summer's are HOT HOT HOT! How does 40 degrees C sound? Last summer we hit a record temp of ...what was it? 46? 47? Insanely hot (and tragically destructive).

On second thoughts, since you've been living in London, when you say 'sweltering' you probably mean something more like 28 degrees?

Jayne said...

Love that red door, what a beaut splash of colour!

Emm said...

Ha! Well, you may be right as I was just thinking that it is not so cold after all this November. I certainly didn't feel this way when we visited from South Africa in 2005!!! But it is the hot, hot, hot days that I love the most. The ones with a dive in the swimming pool at the end of the day!