Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rain, rain and more rain. And more phwoar

Well, did it rain! It was raining when I got into bed, raining as I drifted off to sleep, raining when I got up during the night to pee and raining when I woke up this morning. It rained until lunch time and then a little more in the afternoon. It was bliss.

We've had more than 40 mm of rain this weekend. It hasn't rained like this in ages. Everything feels clean and refreshed and cool. Aaaah.

It was good weather to continue my Angel marathon. I'm onto the third disc now. Only 27 to go after that. One of the (hot) main characters has died, but a new (hot) main character has joined. It's wall-to-wall hotness. This is the new hot guy - Wesley.

C'mere and let me tend your wounds, Wesley

Oh, and it's funny. It's the writing that I love the most. Really. I wouldn't pay that much money just to look at hot guys. I can do that on the net for free.

I did leave the house in the afternoon to buy food. When I was walking home through the park, I head a low roar over the top of my iPod. I took my ear phones out and looked up to see a low flying plane (a big one) emerge from a gap in the clouds and then disappear again after a few seconds. It's not common to see planes that large flying so low around here.


dam buster said...

It appears that I missed a weekend with a truckload of rain while being in brisvegas.

We certainly needed it and it is very welcome.

k a t i e said...

Phoarrr...the Wesley is a bit of alright!

And thank the Lord it's finally stopped raining today - while I've been all for it (it even topped up the swimming pool for me quite nicely) I haven't got the roof on my car and I've been somewhat stranded...

Abbeysmum said...

So happy to see you have had some rain, please send it this way....we need it.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend of being queen of your castle !

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi DB. Yup, you missed out all right. Hopefully there will be more where that came from.

Hi Katie. He is indeed a bit of all right, although when he opens his mouth a very posh English voice comes out, which ruins the hotness for me quite substantially.

So, sounds like your car is built for drought.

Hey Abbeysmum. Will have a word to the rain people for you, let them know you could use some too.

I am thoroughly enjoying having the palce to myself.