Sunday, November 15, 2009

Green thumb (sort of), holding hands and shiny

I'm probably talking too soon here, but I think I have managed to coax one of my indoor plants back from the brink of death. Go, me!

OK, let's overlook the fact that it's probably my fault that it was knocking on the door of plant heaven to begin with, but I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself for saving it.

It thrived when I first bought it, but it got the sulks when I repotted it in winter and then I had to repot it again because I forgot to put pebbles in the bottom to aid drainage, thus making it even crankier. All the leaves started fading to a pale green and going crisp and brown around the edges. I progressively cut them off until all that was left was a green stick in a pot.

And then a leaf started to shoot out the top! Hurrah! That's a start...

My other indoor plant, a spathyphillum, is thriving. It's got two flowers at the moment. They usually have flowers when you buy them (as mine did), but they die (as mine did) and often never get any more (as mine didn't!).


I saw an older couple strolling across Morell Bridge and holding hands today.


I also saw a mint-condition 1950s Chevy rumbling down Swan Steet, glinting in the sun. So shiny! So long!

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