Saturday, November 21, 2009

Soggy, sewing and phwoarness

City in the rain

I got caught in the rain walking home today. My leather thongs got all slippery and squishy and hard to walk in and the bottom of my jeans got soggy and dragged along the ground, but it was ace all the same. So refreshing.  

I'd been over to The Thread Den with my friend Anna practising sewing in zips, and it was really humid and sticky when we emerged, drained but (sort of) triumphant. The rain really cooled things off.

And it's still going now - it's been coming down steadily for hours. I hope it's still going when I go to bed.

I think I might watch one more episode of Angel before I call it a night. I watched the first episode last night and the opening music gave me goosebumps. I'm loving it...especially loving seeing David Boreanaz (who plays the role of Angel, the demon-slaying vampire-with-a-soul) in a black singlet....and with his shirt ripped open....and in a towel...Phwoar. *fans self*

See what I mean?

Looks like someone else got caught in the rain. Here, let me dry you off....

Speaking of sewing, Anna and I struggled with putting in zips, but I think we'd got the hang of it by the end of our sewing session. They weren't pretty, but they were functional. Learning new things is hard...but at least it might help to stave off dementia.

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