Saturday, November 6, 2010

Early adopter, solo flyer

A well manicured facade on Brighton Street, Richmond

I got a new toy today - an HTC Desire HD Android smartphone, which I think was only released in Australia yesterday. I'm not used to being such an early adopter. It's kind of exciting...but the phone is so advanced compared to my old one that it's a bit puzzling. Something else to get the hang of... at least I'm helping to stave off alzheimer's with all this learning.

I went to the movies on my own again today (to see Gainsbourg). I'm completely unfazed by it now. I've decided I'm going to push myself to cross my final flying solo frontier  - I'm going to go to a pub gig on my some stage.

I saw my old osteopath today (to say hello, not for a treatment). He's been working one Saturday a month back at the same Melbourne clinic for the past few months, but today was the first time I've managed to cross paths with him. It was good to see him, albeit briefly.


Bill said...

I like the new layout.

I'm the opposite with flying solo. I can go to gigs on my own easily enough, but never to movies. Going to gigs alone is kind of liberating because it shows that you're there for the music and other fans pick up on that and you can have some good conversations - in the breaks, of course.

Frisky Librarian said...

Thanks. Thought it was time for a change.

I can certainly see how the opposite would work. My biggest issue with going to pub gigs alone is not to much the actual gig, but the hanging around on my own waiting for the band to come on. I don't like loitering in pubs on my own.