Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weeny, walking, big bikes

Look at these weeny ducklings! They looked far too small to be braving the choppy waters of Victoria Harbour. I saw the mother duck first and the ducklings were so small  I thought they were flotsam. But no. So cute.

I walked from Harbour Town to Southbank this afternoon, with a detour to Victoria Harbour. I've never really explored that area before. I walked until I was almost under the Bolte Bridge.

On my way into the city this morning I passed a gaggle of cyclists dressed up steampunk style. There was one guy on a pennyfarthing and one man on a gigantic tricycle.  Yesterday there was a man in Myer playing a ukelele and a girl walking down the street in a tutu and ballet shoes.

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Deidre said...

Love your new glasses from the previous post!

Also I kind of adore that a girl was traipsing around in tutu!