Thursday, November 4, 2010

So far, so good

I finished my initial induction training today and I'm feeling calm and confident about getting down to work. It's a nice feeling. I still have a lot to learn though...

I met many of the people in my practice group this afternoon and they were all very nice and welcoming. I'm feeling really good about my decision to take this job,  although it still seems surreal. I can't believe I'm working at this place - one of the biggest and best law firms in the country! It's a big, bright new world and so far I like it.

Even though the firm is huge, my initial impression is that it's quite down to earth and not at all stuffy.

I'm working on the 47th floor. There are breathtaking views from every window (Melbourne, you so purdy!).  My desk is on the west side, so in winter I'll be able to see the sunset. Working past sunset in the winter might be a little easier to bear when I can look out and see the city lights twinkling too (but that's a way off yet - best not get ahead of myself.)

I have the firm's style guide in my bag...nerdvana ahoy!


a work in progress said...

Thumbs up on the new job progress and the new-look blog! verra noice!

Frisky Librarian said...

Thanks AWIP. I thought it was time for a change after just over two years.