Thursday, November 25, 2010

Surprisingly rich and spoilt

I got a nice surprise when I used the ATM this afternoon - I've got WAY more money in the bank than I expected. I was anticipating a large wad of cash to hit my account in the process of moving my money into a new investment, but I'm not sure why I have so much. No doubt there will be a logical explanation that isn't "the share price went through the ROOF and you're now much richer than before! Wooooh!".

Another perk of working for a large firm:  when you have a meeting in one of the rooms on reception level, you get offered hot beverages and snacks. The coffee and tea list would put many cafes to shame (the firm does have a professional in-house kitchen). Someone else ordered  hot chocolate before me this morning, so I asked for one too. It even came with marshmallows.

I got to leave work even earlier today because I had an appointment. I've been home since 4pm. Nice.

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