Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Surprise chef, Hector the Cat, more sleep

A training session this morning on online expense reconciliation turned into an impromptu Italian cooking class after one of the participants mentioned she had sore arms from making fettuccine by hand on the weekend. If anyone wants a recipe for never-fail gnocci with pumpkin and garlic sauce, let me know!

This week's That's Melbourne! email newsletter from the City of Melbourne came with the subject line "Hector the Cat would approve" (in reference to a road safety computer game). Do any of my Aussie readers remember Hector the Cat? I wonder if Google knows who he is...Yes, it does! The internet is ace.

I'm loving my shorter walk to work and being able to sleep a bit later. I've been working 'normal' shifts - not that 9.00am to 5.15pm seems normal to me - and I've been told they need people to work the 'late' shift, which means I could have mornings where I start at 9.45. I could get up at 8.30! God, I love the sound of that.

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a work in progress said...

recipe request over here please *raises hand as tummy rumbles audibly*