Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wisket wasket diffendoofer octopus

My photo blog has finally inched up to 50 followers. *blows party whistle*  I'm pretty happy about that. My follower list is displayed a little randomly, so I'm not entirely sure who the new addition is, but if you're reading this, thank you!

Now that I've discovered the stats feature on my Blogger dashboard, I'm checking it daily. Last night I found the bit where you can see how people came to visit your site. Two people found my Girl in Melbourne blog by  seaching for 'nips girl'. Haha. What?

Here are the search terms people used to find Gleeful: 
wasket (8)
hooray for diffendoofer day quotes (4)
simple glee blog (3)
dr suess wisket wasket (2)
i see a little silhoutte of a clam (2)
"do not taunt the octopus" (1)
courage glee (1)
diffendoofer quotes (1)
do not taunt the octopus (1)
dont taunt the octopus  (1)
This list makes me laugh. Love the strong presence of Dr Seuss and the cantankerous octopus.  I googled 'do not taunt the octopus' just then and my blog is the second non-image result. That pleases me very much.

It also pleases me to see that you can buy badges and T-shirts with 'Do not taunt the octopus' on them. I'll just update my Christmas wishlist....

Sad but gleeful

A friend shared this link on Twitter the other day - not surprisingly, it made me cry, but it's also sweet and funny and beautiful. 

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