Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Early, cracking, sunrise

I have started working the 'early' shift on Wednesdays - an 8.00 am start and 4.15pm finish. Not so keen on the earlier start (yes, I know 8am isn't that early), but the early finish is ace.

I'm also doing late shifts (9.45am - 6.00 pm) on Mondays from now on. A later start on a Monday! Wooh!

It seems to be bark shedding season for eucaplytus trees. I'm a dead-leaf-cruncher from way back, but bark gives an even more satisfying crack! when you step on it.

I caught a glimpse of the sun peeking over the horizon this morning when I briefly got up to pull my blind down ( the sun wouldn't keep me awake. I was too tired to stay up and watch it rise or even take a photo).

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DiscoveredJoys said...

I've just completed NaNoWriMo and during the month I've cut right down on unimportant activities, like browsing the web.

But I thought I would let you know that I kept reading your blog (daily blogging I bow in your direction with respect) because the tales of another person's gleeful life were just what I needed to keep me going.

Many thanks.