Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My first day

Off AC/DC Lane, which is right behind my new office

I started my new job today - or at least I fronted up for the first day of induction training. I wasn't anywhere near as nervous as when I started my last temp role, which was a relief and perhaps a sign I have greater confidence in my abilities after my stint at a mid-tier firm.

I was happy to discover the document management system is very similar to what I'd been using in my last temp role, which should alleviate the information overload and flatten the learning curve a little. It sounds bad to be pleased about that,  but I find learning new computer stuff stressful, and it's only three months since I went through that onslaught.

Of course, the feeling you get when you master the new systems makes the stress worthwhile. I was overwhelmed at the beginning of my last assignment - everything was new to me - but I surprised myself by getting the hang of it quickly. I might not like learning new computer stuff, but apparently I'm pretty good at it!

I was given a copy of the firm's hefty style guide (ie the rules for written communications, not office attire!),  but I was disappointed I didn't get to have a good look at it today. What a nerd I am! I love style guides - especially when the prescribed styles are broadly in line with my preferred way of doing things, as this firm's seems to be at first glance. (This probably comes from my journalistic background or maybe just because I'm a pedant.)

I'm working in the part of the city where I started my working life as a journalist *mumbles incoherently* years ago. It feels kind of nice to be back.

I got to finish early today. Yay.


geoff said...

The subject of a media interview today it was great to catch up with the same reporter from back in March. For some reason she gets my attitude and manner as a subject and she blurted out at the end that she has never laughed so much on the job except for the last time she interviewed me. Work is full of personal quirks in the structure. I spent a decade in administration and that proved I would never go far in the real world. Yet as the years go by it is terrific to realise that the job you do is the one that suits your inner essence and makes your life fun.

abbeysmum said...

Wow !!!! Nice new look.
Happy to hear new job all good so far, you can hunker down with the style pages over the weekend,have fun.