Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rain, surprise chocolate, bread joy

The view from my office window turned completely to white during the rain this morning. I'm not sure if we were in the clouds or if the rain was heavy (or both), but we couldn't see anything. Eventually the city re-emerged as the rain eased.

I found a Freddo Frog in my pocket when I left work tonight. Yay! I'd forgotten it was there from lunch time. Ten minutes later I pulled my iPod out of my pocket and a Caramello Koala came out with it. I forgot that was there too. Double yay! (Absentmindedness again proves to be a source of joy...)

I was thrilled today to find a cafe near my office that offers gluten-free bread. I'm looking forward to having a sandwich for lunch tomorrow instead of sushi.

I've been listening to The White Stripes again lately. I love this old cover of Black Jack Davey.


The History Boy said...

Hadn't it gone all squishy?

Frisky Librarian said...

Thankfully, no, because I don't like squishy chocolate. It was only very slightly soft from sitting in my jacket pocket which was slung over the back of my chair all afternoon.

Anonymous said...

....a girl who forgets about chocolate???