Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet, busy, cheap

A wet sunset from near the Convention Centre

I arrived at work to find a ladybird chocolate and a little Christmas note from a woman in my department who's now on leave for the rest of the year (*goes green with envy*). Everyone got one. How sweet is that?

It was all work, work, work after that. It was crazy busy and I felt a little overwhelmed, which wasn't pleasant, but it was great to leave at the end of the day feeling like I did a good day's work (especially knowing I don't have to go back for two days!)

It rained again. I could just hear it spattering on the windows at work and then a minute later I looked up and it was fine again. Ah, Melbourne, you and your four seasons!

How ace is it when you buy something and it scans through at even less than the ticketed price? That happened to me tonight - a pair of shoes which were already cheap as scanned at $20!

Got the flat to myself for the weekend. Wooooh! I'm playing some loud music.

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Gillian said...

You know Frisky.....I love how you pick out those little everyday things and blog them. It really does remind you of the good things that happen in life instead of all the crap things. I think it helps take the focus of the bad things which can really get us down.

I must admit I work with a few people who do the little choccie on the desk at Christmas routine and it is a lovely thing. I just might do it myself this year (I usually just bring in a box of choc or biscuits to share).

Glad you enjoyed your busy day....far cry from the old job :-)

and LOVE the cheaper scan...even if it's only a couple of face always lights up :-)