Sunday, November 21, 2010

Outfit, leadlighting, signs

My outfit for my work Christmas party is almost complete. Today I bought a pouffy petticoat to go under my 50s style dress, and shoes. I tried it all on when I got home and I'm very happy with it, although I'm not used to looking so girly. (Sorry, no photos until party night!)

I visited Retrostar Clothing on the first floor of the fabulous Nicholas Building for the first time today in my search for a pouffy petticoat. Retrostar is chockful of vintage stuff, but the building itself is just as big an attraction. The arched leadlight shopfronts are lovely.

I was over Collingwood/Brunswick way again today. I found more old signs.

Vaccinations every morning. Teeth extracted. That's all I
can make out. Gertrude Street.

I think this is one sign over the top of the other - one looks like
 Winfield cigarettes.  Also Gertrude Street.

The other side of the building above. A sign for a
chemist spruiking something called Lactogen.


a work in progress said...

my friend (and ex-colleague) Chris has a cafe over that way (Collingwood) called Bluebird Espresso. He is an awesome barista, and is old skool rockabilly. He loves old coffee machines and restores old cars and vespas. You should pop in some time and see if does a mean hot chocolate ;)

J Bar said...

The leeadlight is awesome.
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